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MapleStory 2 Boosting Information

MapleStory 2 Power Leveling Description
1,Before you place the order please contact us by live chat,to make sure that we have free employees to take your task.
2,We only use regular players (which has been working with us for years,also can be trusted) to work on your account,we will never use any bot on your account.
3,Make sure all the information you give to us is correct,so we can start the boosting as soon as possible.

What you will get during MS 2 Power leveling
1,For level 50 package,you will have around 1.5 mil mesos left on your character with 1.5k+ gs.
2,For level 60 package,you will have around 3 mil mesos left on your character with 1.5k+ gs.
3,All those mesos are obtained by finish the question during the boosting,We won't take anything from your character.

About Exploration Stars and Trophies
At this moment we will not finish those tasks deliberately,some easy ones will be finished during power leveling.

About Epic Gears
We play no tricks on the price,so the epic gears are not included in those package. Level 60 package has chance to obtain epic gears from dungeon quest, but the chance is very low. If it drops, it will be left on your character.


Juan Heredia
Order: G4EZ******44 Product: MapleStory 2 Mesos Dope 15/11/2018
peter polzomfky
Order: G4EZ******02 Product: POE Currency all good, cant complain 15/11/2018
Kurt An
Order: G4EZ******57 Product: MapleStory 2 Mesos A+ 15/11/2018
Henrik Jensen
Order: G4EZ******21 Product: POE Currency good deal, fast 14/11/2018