D2 Resurrected Gems Information

Diablo 2 Gems Information

Diablo 2 gems for Resurrected expansion are obtained from killed mobs, containers and completed quests. In order to take advantage of them, a player should insert Diablo 2 resurrected gems into sockets in shields, armor, helm and weapons. They help enhance character`s gear and level it up. D2 gems can be of 7 different types and contain one of 5 specific qualities linked to it. Players can also upgrade low quality gems to higher quality ones by means of the Horadric Cube.

Diablo 2 Perfect Gems

The list of qualities, which Diablo II resurrected gems can have, includes 5 stats. These are chipped, flawed, normal, flawless and perfect. As you can see Diablo 2 perfect gems are of the highest quality. They can be used as a currency for trading with others. For example, Perfect Rubies and Perfect Amethysts are the most demanded as they are used for recipes. Also perfect gems are needed for Horadric Cube recipes which are applicable for crafting items.

How to buy D2R Gems

If you want to buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Gems, follow the steps below:

  1. 1. Pick a server for which you need D2R gems by using internal search
  2. 2. Select the currency item required for your game
  3. 3. Choose the method of payment convenient for you from those recommended by us, and pay
  4. 4. After we receive the money, we will immediately send you your order.

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