What is POE currency?

What is POE currency?

Whereas other games have gold currency, Path of Exile has a complex one. It consists of orbs, scrolls and a number of other items which can serve as money. A player can get the items either by having them dropped from monsters, chests; buying them from vendors, or obtaining from recipes. There is also an opportunity to purchase them from legit POE currency websites such as Gaming4EZ.com.

What is POE currency & how does it work

Each currency item can be used for both trading and craftings. The last activity plays a vital role in the game. Crafting is intended to improve the character`s equipment and even restructure a passive skill tree.

PoE Currency Items

POE currency items can be divided into three main categories: basic, valuable and expensive.

Basic currency items are not limited and have no drop restrictions. They are used for easy leveling and low level crafting.

Valuable items can be met less frequently than basic ones. They are mostly used by high level players, which causes a huge demand for them. Some POE gamers recommend to either leave valuable items for crafting equipment and maps in the end game or make a bargain with other players.

Expensive items are very rare and therefore have a really high price.

Functional currency

Functional currency represents the primary economic environment of the Path of Exile game. It mostly consists of orbs but there are also other functional items like catalysts, scrolls, sextants and others. These currency items do not only have a direct purpose, but can be also consumed to fulfil some specific purposes. For example, a Chaos Orb can be utilized for reforging rare items with new random mods and it is also one of three orbs most frequently used for exchanging items between players.

Shards and fragments

In Path of Exile game shards and fragments are needed to make up a certain currency item by stacking them. For example, if a player collects 20 Alchemy Shards, they can become a valuable Orb of Alchemy. Shards and fragments can be obtained from selling items to vendors or dropping from Harbingers.


Essences are currency items needed for crafting. They modify either normal equipment to the rare one or rare equipment to higher level. Each essence has a different effect. The items are simple to use, however, can help do very important upgrades and modifications.


Prophecies are a sort of mechanic that influences the future of a character. They are a bit similar to quests but less predictable and structured. They can be bought from Navali for a silver coin. Prophecies can influence certain items to be dropped from specific monsters, change the view of certain areas, add new monsters to the areas, and enhance new or upgraded unique items.


Vials are intended to enhance the quality of unique items and make them more powerful. In order to achieve this, a player needs to place a vial in the Altar of Sacrifice in Apex of Ascension and place a required unique item in it too. The currency items can only be acquired from The Vaal Omnitect.

Harbinger currency

Harbinger currency was introduced in Harbinger and Harvest league. It can be obtained from Harbinger, a type of unique immortal monster. However, they don't drop regular items, but only shards. When a player wins the map bosses of The Beachhead, a Harbinger piece may drop. If you combine the pieces, they will forge exclusive unique items. When a gamer wins the map bosses of Infused Beachhead, a Harbinger Scroll may drop. It can be used for upgrading a Harbinger item.

Perandus coins

A Perandus Coin can be obtained from Perandus chests, Perandus Scarab, or in the Perandus Manor unique map and some other areas. Perandus coins aren't used in item crafting directly, but they are required to be exchanged for other items that Cadiro Perandus offers.

Delve currency

Delve currency was introduced in the Delve challenge league. It is used for crafting rare items. It consists of resonators and fossils. In order to change crafting behavior, a resonator should be socketed with fossils.


Fossils belong to stackable currency. They drop in Azurite Mine. Applied to the item, different fossils can have different effects. But a fossil can work only when it is placed into a resonator.


Resonators are Delve stackable currency used for rare item crafting. They can be found in deeper regions of the Azurite Mine. In order to have their influence on items, resonators should be socketed with fossils. Different resonators require different numbers of sockets.


Oils can drop from Blights. They can be used on specific items to modify them in a number of ways. A player can add a new mod to Blighted maps, rings or amulets. For example, 3 oils can be applied to an amulet to allocate a passive skill from the passive skill tree.


Catalysts are items that enhance the quality of an amulet, belt or ring. You can obtaine this currency by killing metamorphs in maps. Different catalysts have different functions. For example, Accelerating Catalyst is required to add speed modifiers on a ring, amulet or belt.

PoE Currency Exchange Rate

The exchange rate system in the Path of Exile game is not a piece of cake. It is quite a challenge especially for a newbie to get a real insight into it. Moreover, it can vary depending on a league, and change from time to time. Therefore, it could be a good idea to ues exchange rate guides at currency trade websites for the purpose.


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