POE Leveling Uniques Guide

POE Leveling Unique Items Guide

An interesting story, a bit of luck and a well-equipped character will make your Path of Exile Scourge game experience engaging. You may not influence the first two factors but you can definitely create a character of your dream by leveling unique items, more commonly called POE leveling uniques.

In order to do it, a player needs to decide what exactly POE 3.16 unique items they can level so that they enhance their character performance and speed up the game.

POE Leveling Uniques With Time Saved

It makes sense to consider if the price of uniques is worth the time spent farming or crafting them.

If the price is not expensive but the power which the character gets with the unique equipment will be significant and allow you more interesting activities, then the one is definitely worth buying.

Time for gameplay, however, is a very philosophical notion. It depends on how many hours a gamer is ready to commit, how lucky they are, game activities they enjoy or find boring, game knowledge of the player and other factors. Nevertheless, all gamers want to spend more time farming end-game content. Therefore, each of us is looking for the POE best leveling uniques.

POE Unique Items

In order to decide what exactly equipment you need to buy for your character, let`s figure out what Path of Exile unique items list includes.

There are 1,147 released unique items in the game, including maps and items with mods. Scourge 3.16 expansion brought 7 new ones. All unique items offer individual gameplay and create special character builds based on them.


Armor is the most important part of your character outfit as it helps withstand any danger. Therefore, leveling armor is critical for better gameplay. We suggest trying to get Tabula Rasa unique robe which will definitely protect you from plenty of possible damages. However, there are some other armor items players may choose referring to their play style. Another simple robe is Thousand Ribbons. The one offers some damage resistance and can be used in bow-based or elemental build. Skin of the Loyal is a robe which offers 100% increased Global Defences. Ashrend is a unique Buckskin Tunic which is a good choice for any elemental build. It enables fire resistance and other protection.


The list of unique boots consists of armor, evasion, energy shield and a mix of two types of boots. Mature gamers recommend obtaining Wanderlust shoes,which are easy to get but provide complete immunity to freeze, movement speed roll and energy shield.


Tabula Rasa or Skin of the Loyal are the uniques which can give sufficient protection to the chest of your character in several builds and quite possible to get.


Depending on the type gloves can provide either more strength, dexterity or intelligence to your character. New players can afford to buy Lochtonial Caress and have significant defence. Sadima's Touch are good for bow builds; however, used only for specific builds.


A lot of Helmets in the game are designed for specific purposes. But there are several of them which can be used for various builds, provide significant protection and a good choice for leveling your character. The most ubiquitous are Goldrim leather cap and Heatshiver leather hood.


Out of the huge number of unique shields, players recommend choosing Lycosidae which is quite cheap and can drastically increase defensive block chance.


The choice of the best unique for leveling weapons highly depends on the build you play. For instance, compared to attacker builds, casters have it easier with weapons. Thus, one can pick low level uniques and use them for long. If you play the style choose Lifesprig for power and survival and Fencoil for utility. Summoner’s generally don’t need leveling weapons. And melee builds require a few weapons and a player needs to constanly upgrade them while leveling up.


One of the best choices for bow builds leveling is Storm Cloud. It increases attack speed and provides elemental damage. Silverbranch is also not bad for leveling as it is available from the 1st level and offers normal damage and decent speed. Death`s Harp is also a strong bow that provides an extra arrow, enabling clear monster packs easier.


The lowest requirement Last Resort is a unique Nailed Fist. It is easy to use and quite reliable. Wildslash makes movement skills really fast. Mortem Morsu offers attack speed and crit chance.Ornament of the East offers excellent damage, 100% hit chance and other benefits. All the three are also among the best claw uniques recommended for levelling.


Daggers are especially good for poison builds and they include a lot of leveling unique options. One of the cheapest, low requirement daggers is Goredrill that bleeds enemies on crit. Another strong one, Bloodplay, allows tremendously fast speed of the attack. Mightflay is not only strong but also allows almost immortality.


A unique bronze Axiom Perpetuum is the most suitable for leveling caster based builds. It has low requirements but offers significant increase to elemental, fire and cold damages.


As mentioned before, wand uniques are good for caster builds. Lifesprig and Fencoil are the most affordable and good ones for the purpose. However, The Poet's Pen is probably the best leveling item in the game. The one can be applied in leveling any build and offers a number of valuable stats.

One-Handed Swords

These are probably the best one-handed weapons in terms of crit scalability, speed, and base damage. The lowest level one worth choosing for leveling is Redbeak. The one offers fast speed of attack and sufficient damage.The Princess is also a really fast unique sword which provides strong physical damage and could be chosen for levelling. Lakishu’s Blade Fast is robust, fast and makes the character resistant to stuns.

Two-Handed Swords

A long list of two-handed sword levelling uniques allow players to choose what they really want. Would you pick the lowest level Shiversting which grants freeze immunity or Rigwald’s Charge with high attack and extra movement velocity or stop on Edge of Madness with a focus on Chaos damage or choose Hitless which offers increased Global Accuracy Rating? It`s up to you!

One-Handed Axes

One of the easiest to achieve but very useful axes which increases physical damage and movement speed and adds to max life is The Screaming Eagle. The Gryphon is an upgraded version of the previous one, however a bit costly. It provides significant damage and movement speed on kill. Relentless Fury is a good unique for leveling in a melee build. It offers the attack speed and up to 80% increased physical damage.

Two-Handed Axes

Limbsplit is a unique Wood Splitter which can be acquired for Slayer build. It is known for lots of useful stats and can impact leveling. Another useful unique thing here is The Blood Reaper. It is really affordable and provides additional bleeding and leech. Wideswing is an absolute must for levelling Sunder, Cyclone or other build archetypes.

One-Handed Maces

Slower than most one-handed weapons but really effective, One-Handed Maces are highly recommended for levelling. Gorebreaker is the lowest level thing of the type which is worth choosing as it offers very strong damage. Another one is Brightbeak, a unique War Hammer. It makes attacks or mobility skills crazy fast. Yet one more is Flesh-Eater, a rounded mace which provides damage, speed, and life leech.

Two-Handed Maces

The uniques of the type are quite slow, but powerful. They enable stunning bosses for long.

Among the most advised uniques of the type used for leveling are Hrimnor’s Hymn, Geofri’s Baptism, Hrimnor’s Dirge, and Geofri’s Devotion. For melee builds Quecholli is a good choice. It adds Intelligence or Dexterity attributes.


Players ignore unique accessories for levelling considering them to be not so useful as armor or weapons. However, some of them are really cheap and can serve your character in a number of builds.


Starting from the 1st level players can use Sidhebreath. The amulet is good for a summoner style build player. Besides other benefits, it increases Mana regeneration rate. Another good amulet is Astramentis which can be very helpful for such builds as the Ascendant.

Sacrificial Heart adds Elemental damage to attacks thus a good pick for elemental based bow builds. Stone of Lazhwar is a perfect option for caster builds.


Unique belts are considered to be of low priority for leveling. However, one can obtain Wurm’s Molt and Perandus Blazon for flexibility, or Belt of the Deceiver for survival. Darkness Enthroned has low level requirements but is very useful if your character gets valuable Abyss Jewels.


Rings are also not the first priority unique for leveling. Thus, it makes sense to choose only the best ones. Experienced players suggest buying Praxis for more utility or Kaom’s Sign for survival. Blackheart can be useful in melee builds and Berek’s Grip serves well in elemental builds.


PoE Leveling uniques in Scourge league is an important activity which can speed up the process of reaching the end-game. However, the process requires a careful selection of appropriate POE leveling uniques. If you have them dropped in the game, consider what can be more profitable for your character: either to sell or use it. If you need stuff and don't know how to get unique items in the game, visit Gaming4ez.com website. You may find a wide choice of useful unique items for leveling your character. Our customer support managers will help you place an order and make the right choice.