PoE Expedition League (3.15) - Guide

PoE League: Expedition League guide

Expedition League (3.15) was introduced on the 23rd of July, 2021. It is a temporary event which ends on the 19th of October, 2021. A new league belongs to challenge leagues which always bring their own rules and traits to the game. The one also didn't disappoint POE gamers. Among the main distinguishing features, Expedition is famous for, are four new non-player characters, new logbooks, new defence system called Ward, 19 new skill and support gems, flask system rework, and the return of improved Battle Royale mode. The power of characters continues increasing with a new league, skills are more effective and items are becoming more influential.

Expedition League Basics

The story involves four new non-player characters, the traders who came to Wraeclast looking for the lost relics of their ancestors. A player joins the expedition in order to find the lost treasures and kill undead monsters by using explosives. After that a gamer can trade, haggle or gamble with the NPCs. In the Expedition, players will be able to use logbooks that show the places which ancient Kalguuran visited. The logbooks will help gamers choose the next destination of their Expedition. The ways to new locations are full of obstacles. A new defence system Ward will reduce the damages and protect the character.

The Expedition League includes new skill germs which bring a new style of gaming. Such as A Defiance Banner is a tool intended to boost the power of your armour and mitigate the damage from a nearby enemy. Ambush is designed to teleport a character to an enemy, make them blind and help in one-handed attack. Summon Reaper is a minion which forces enemies to bleed and is used to attack certain locations. There are also plenty of other skill gems which can stand you in good stead.

The Flask system also has new features. Some of the flasks have been reworked and two more flasks such as Gold and Corundum ones were introduced.

Expedition League Mechanic Explained

After you come into Lioneye’s Watch, you 'll see the Expedition locker. Ask traders to give you access to it. With new Stash Tab Affinities, you can press ctrl+clicking a needed item from your stash inventory and it will direct it to the relevant Locker even if you don't have it open.

Go to the next location for your first encounter. You will meet a merchant near the detonator surrounded by sticks with skulls. When you explode them, they will show you the further scenario. Yellow and red indicators mean stronger monsters and more engaging loot. When you see Unearthed Remnants, try to read especially the ones with yellow indicators. They can add immunity to some of your damages. It is also a good idea to detonate under unearthed ruins as they can improve your rewards. Look through Expedition indicators very carefully and decide which ones are the most useful for you. When you press V button and put the detonator, all green indicators will explode and you will be able to loot them. However, if you see a red circle, it means you need to move the explosive closer to the detonator. If the things are placed correctly, you can explode.

Introduced Items

Path of Exile developers added 11 new unique items. Here are some examples of how the items work. Cadigan’s Crown is a unique helmet which provides Ward rather than other types of defence. It has nothing to do with critical strikes, however gives Battlemage that adds spell influence equal to hand weapon damage. Olroth's Resolve is an iron flask that is used to restore Ward. Faithguard is a Runic Helm of unique type. It impacts the increase of Energy Shield if not applied to Ward and provides you with faster Ward restoration. Check out the other benefits of new unique items by progressing in Expedition League.

Challenges and rewards

The new league includes 40 challenges. Some of them are really easy to complete though the others are nearly impossible to do. The easiest ones include germ related tasks, encounters I, quests, defeating bosses and unique monsters and completing vendor recipes. The most difficult ones are to complete map tiers, deadly encounters, defeat Olroth and endgame grinds.

If you do 12 challenges, you `ll get the Expedition Footprints, for 24 challenges a player will receive a Expedition Weapon Effect which can be applied to shield later on, for 36 ones a gamer will obtain Expedition Portal Effect and for 40 challenges you will be given Expedition Challenger Trophy which will be a good evidence of your progress in the league.

Expedition League Tips & Tricks

We would recommend you to discover the main tips and tricks listed here not to waste time on useless stuff and to have more benefits from progression in Expedition.

  • First of all try new skill germs which will bring you new emotions.
  • Remember that orange and yellow markers are much more useful than white ones as they can bring better rewards.
  • Don't utilize all explosives, try to concentrate on the reward which you want. Before you detonate the loot, make sure you cover all necessary indicators.
  • Store the shards in the Expedition loker in case you have a full inventory.
  • The logbooks which you will be able to get at 34th level can be sold later and help you open the maps and get more rewards.

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