POE currency exchange rates

POE currency exchange rates

Understanding The Value Of Currency

Path of Exile currency system is well-elaborated and quite interesting. It has nothing to do with gold or coins as in other games. POE currency consists of items required both for crafting activities and trading with NPCs and other gamers and has own PoE currency exchange rates.
By the way, buying and selling currency to other players could be not only profitable but also engaging as it involves different interactions like bartering, haggling and negotiating. But as there are plenty of various items in the game and some of them are much more difficult to get than the others , it is really hard, especially for a newbie, to understand the true value of every item. That is why, some “green” gullible players can be scammed by more mature covetous ones.

In order to avoid unfair currency trades, POE in-game ratio system was developed, it makes the process of exchanging items with others more clear and transparent. Although, there is no fixed price for any POE currency as it depends on the league where the item is used, the platform the gamer is playing, and content updates; still we took a challenge to show you how the value of currency can be estimated.

As example let see how much worth and ratios of some of most popular POE currencies.

Exalted Orbs

Exalted orbs are highly demanded as they add additional modifiers to a rare item. It also can be used for buying the most precious items in the end game, therefore we recommend you not to spend Exalts for not important purchases. It drops very rarely, which means that if a player obtains one, they are extremely lucky. The approximate exchange rate of exalted to chaos obs is 1 to 124 in Expedition league and 1 to 95 in Standard one.

Chaos Orbs

Chaos orb is easy to acquire, thus, you can freely spend it when you want it. Players use it as a main currency and everything can be traded for Chaos orbs. If you want to avoid confusing moments about the exchange ratio of one currency to another, then you can check their prices in Chaos orbs and see the difference. For example, you want to buy Mirror of Kalandra for Exalted Orb in Standard league. You can see that POE chaos to exalted exchange rate is 95 to 1 and chaos to mirror is approximately 10,000 to 1. So, the price for Mirror of Kalandra in the league is something like 100 Exalts.

Divine Orbs

Divine Orb is a precious item which is important for crafting. It reforges unique items by adding random explicit mods on them. It can help you make uniques more expensive. If a player doesn`t need a divine orb, they can easily exchange it for Chaos orbs. The exchange rate for Standard league is 1 Divine for 40 Chaos orbs. In the Expedition league it is 1 to 46.

Regal Orbs

Regal Orbs are needed for crafting. They help turn a magic item into a rare item, however, it retains all current mods of the item. Using a Regal Orb is a middle step in crafting, for further crafting a player needs Exalted Orb. Therefore, some players fail to use Regal Orb for the purpose and sell it for Chaos orbs. In Standard league, a Regal orb costs 20 Chaos ones.

Mirror of Kalandra

Mirror of Kalandra is exploited to make a copy of an non-unique, non-corrupted item or map. As it is very rare in the game, it has an extremely high price. In Standard league a player can purchase it for 10,000 Chaos or 100 Exalted Orbs.

PoE Currency Trade Ratios

Trade ratio in POE depends on a lot of factors. These are the content of the game, the item drop frequency, vendor prices and the demand for it. Therefore, as it was mentioned above the POE currency exchange rate is different depending on the league, as every league has a bit different content and other factors. But all in all, POE currency conversion rate is tightly connected with vendor prices for this or that item in the specific league.

Vendor Prices

Vendors are NPCs who sell various items. Different items can be bought from different vendors. For example, Orb of Regret can be bought for 2 orbs of Scouring only from Yeena. Vendors refer to price comparisons whilst player market refers to nothing. However, vendor prices help prevent price chaos. For example, a Chromatic Orb should never be worth more than 3 Jeweller’s Orb on the player market. But, players can sell it for a lower price. Therefore, if you buy from other players don't only check the vendor price chart but also use your game intuition.

PoE currency Exchange rates by Vendors

Main Progression
Orb Price Value in Alts Location/Vendor
1× Orb of Regret 64 Act 3 (Clarissa)
Orb of Regret 2× Orb of Scouring 64 Act 2 (Yeena)
Orb of Scouring 4× Orb of Chance 32 Act 2 (Yeena)
Orb of Chance 1× Orb of Fusing 8 Act 3 (Clarissa)
Orb of Fusing 4× Jeweller's Orb 8 Act 2 (Yeena)
Chromatic Orb 3× Jeweller's Orb 6 Act 2 (Yeena)
Jeweller's Orb 2× Orb of Alteration 2 Act 2 (Yeena)
Orb of Alteration 4× Orb of Augmentation 1 Act 1 (Nessa)
Orb of Augmentation 4× Orb of Transmutation 1/4 Act 1 (Nessa)
Orb of Transmutation 7× Portal Scroll 1/16 Act 1 (Nessa)
Portal Scroll 3× Scroll of Wisdom 1/112 Act 1 (Nessa)
Scroll of Wisdom baseline currency 1/336 N/A
Scraps Progression
Glassblower's Bauble 8× Blacksmith's Whetstone N/A Act 3 (Hargan)
Blacksmith's Whetstone 3× Armourer's Scrap N/A Act 2 (Greust)
Armourer's Scrap 1× Blacksmith's Whetstone N/A Act 1 (Tarkleigh)

Act 3's Clarissa and Act 4's Petarus and Vanja have all the Main Progression recipes.

Also mention that some Masters sell currency in bulk:

Master Progression
Orbs Price Master
20x Cartographer's Chisel 12x Chaos Orb Zana

Selling currency in bulk

A player may also sell currency in bulk. It could be faster than selling items separately but the general price for the items will be cheaper. Gamers use the way of trading when they want to get rid of their collection of unnecessary items or when they require some specific amount of money immediately.

PoE Currency Calculators

One of the easiest and fastest ways to get to know the currency exchange rate in the game is to use POE currency calculator tools. Using the one, a player can choose the item they want to sell and the one they want to buy, the league they are playing in, and they will see the ratio. However, it is really important to do it on reliable legit currency trade websites to have valid updated info. So we hope that this information on POE currency exchange rates will help you play and trade in the game more thoughtfully.