Path Of Exile Skill Gems

Path Of Exile Skill Tree Guide

Path of Exile gems is an item class; they should be inserted in item sockets before their use. The game involves active POE skill gems and support skill gems.

Gems are not hard to obtain, however, it is not easy for the player to decide which ones to use from a variety of options. Therefore, the gem system is getting more and more complicated when the player approaches the advanced levels.

Let`s have a look at the most problematic pitfalls of handling gems.

Active Skill Gems

276 different active skill gems in the Path of Exile game provide a player with various abilities. Inserting a gem into the socket of the same color on your equipment, you will be granted that specific ability. In case you take it out of the socket, the ability will no longer be available for you.

There are 3 colors of active skill gems which match the analogous stat. Blue means Intelligence, green works for Dexterity, and red identifies Strength. It is possible to use any active skill gems, even if they are not linked to the character class. But may we suggest you use the gems which suit your stat.

How Active Skill Gems work

Active skill gems inserted into your equipment, add 10% to your experience. When the gems achieve the top of experience, they will stop accumulating it. Then they may be leveled up. The icon which will inform you about it will appear on the right of the screen. If you click the left part of the icon, you will have the gem leveled up. However, not in all cases leveling up is useful. Although enhanced gem will give better abilities, it will require more mana cost. Besides, the gem level should be compatible with the attribute as well as the character should be of correspondent level to meet growing requirements. The icon will not be valid until the requirements are met.

Where to find?

In the beginning, Path of Exile gem drops from a monster or a chest. There is also an opportunity to get one by doing quests. Some vendors sell gems based on the character's class and quest progression. If they sell several gems, there is no need to buy them all, choose the one with the biggest value for you. You can also get gems from vendor recipes, or exchange divination cards.

Support Skill Gems

POE game incorporates 177 support skill gems. They are needed to augment active skill gems. Similar to skill gem supports are color-coded with attribute requirements and levels. But they don`t provide direct damage to enemies. They affect the way the active skill gem kills the rivals.

How Support Skill Gems work

Supports work only if they come socketed together with actives. A support gem affects any color skill gem. One support gem is able to modify several skill gems, as well as one active, can be enhanced by a few supports. If two same type support gems are linked with an active one, the support of a higher level will work, and the other one will not. The same skill gem copies can be influenced by different support gems. In such a case, the player will have access to both. Keep in mind that supports modify not all types of skills. You may see the types of supported active skill gems highlighted in green.

Where to find?

Support skill gems have the same ways of origin as active skill ones. They may be made by means of Path of Exile gem recipes; obtained as rewards upon quests completion; looted from monsters; and bought from vendors. Supports are quite frequent and inexpensive, however, their value is really high.

Path Of Exile Gems & Loot

It is a good strategy to combine active skill and support gems. While doing it, you will make socket links on the gear the first priority, and they will be more important than mods on the items.

Just a quick word about loot in the Path of Exile game. At the beginning of the game, players take everything. But very soon they understand that they have limited inventory space and save it for useful and valuable stuff. In your pursuit of valuable high-quality items; we advise you not to ignore white, low-level drops. They may contain socket links that will help you achieve great skill or support. Note that items can be also changed by crafting. Although the effect of crafting is random, you can benefit a lot, if you find an item with a proper set of linked sockets.


Looking complicated at the first sight, Path of Exile’s skill system is the peculiarity of the game. Try to perceive it at the beginning. Obtain gems whenever you meet them, try to find powerful combinations with active skill and passive POE skill gems, and your endeavor will be rewarded by the fascinating game experience.