Path of Exile Scourge Beginner's Guide

POE Leveling Unique Items Guide

Path of Exile game is known for its leagues which offer specific theme seasonal updates.The recent challenge league called 3.16 Scourge features plenty of useful improvements and an interesting plot encased in apocalyptic reality. However, players need to do the same stuff as usual which means killing, looting, upgrading for more fights with monsters. In order to help you get the best impression from the new league, we have highlighted the most tricky episodes in the game and shared our tips on how to cope with them. Here we go!

Game Setup

New players sometimes find the 3.16 patch to be a bit dreadful. The feeling is because they don`t probably understand that speed is a key factor in the league. Our advice to you is to start crafting speed as soon as possible. The fast speed of a gameplay is possible when you have special boots, enough collected resources at hand and save portal scrolls.

What you need to do first is to find vendors and buy movement speed boots from them. You may start looking for vendors as soon as you arrive at the town.

Secondly, it makes sense to have mule characters as it enables more gems and other resources needed for the gameplay. Mules are useful for extra space for stashing away items after you are out of shared space. Mules help you save money on buying stash tabs and give enough space for collected items.

And lastly, POE experienced gamers recommend login outs instead of wasting scarce portal scrolls especially in the areas where the entry is far away from the boss.

Interface in PoE 3.16

Referring to feedback of players, new Path of Exile UI settings were suggested. These will help you have faster and more comfortable game play. Let`s start with a networking mode, if your ping is up and down then choose Auto option, if it is low, select Lockstep one. Then enable Quest Tracking, Show Corner and Auto Center map and disable Screen Shake. Landscape and Map transparency are adjusted by personal preferences but if you make landscape transparency to the left and map transparency to the right, it will be easier to read maps.

path of exile scourge interface

If you need to zoom in or out the map, press minus or plus relatively.

It is a good idea to enable Advanced Mode description. If you push and hold the Alt button, you will see all prefixes and suffixes of an item.

Inventory Management

New players don't know the value of items and fill in their inventory space with everything they obtain. The inventory space is really well-thought-out in the game, but if you fill it with unnecessary stuff, you will lack space for useful things. Try to ignore blue and white items, pick up rare ones instead. You can also get a loot filter to help get rid of useless stuff. In order to manage your inventory successfully, learn how to vendor with NPCs. Use the game bartering system only for crafting recipes.


Picking quests manually, new players navigate easier and can follow the plot without interruptions. But from their experience, mature POE gamers recommend skip quests that give trivial rewards which are not needed for leveling. Try to skip Fetid Pool, Crypt, Library quests. They are time consuming and useless. Quests also don`t give you any XP in POE unlike in other RPGs.


As you probably know one of the mandatory quests in the early Path of Exile game is to deal with bandits. You may save or kill bandits and receive rewards for that. You should choose what to do referring to your vision of future progression. You may save Alira and get rewards suitable for intelligence-adjacent builds, Kraityn and Oak are better for growing Dexterity and Strength. There is also an option to kill all and get 2 passive skills but they are not so beneficial for a beginner.

Experienced players recommend saving Alira as the reward will increase the elemental resistance of your character and you will keep up high speed with no need to overgear yourself.

Maximizing XP

As we mentioned above, quests do not give any XP, but killing monsters will increase it. However, it is important to kill monsters close to your character`s level but not too high or low level. It is also a bad idea to get rid of all monsters in every zone. Kill only the required number. If you want to have top efficiency and get maximum XP, keep your character 3 levels below the zone you are progressing in.

Blood Aqueduct is one of the best zones for both leveling and drops. You can get the highest XP in this zone without putting much effort as the monsters are absolutely easy. The zone gives the chance to get the Humility card. A set of the cards will bring you a Tabula Rasa which can help you move to T10+ maps in case your build is successful.

If your character dies, you will have an experience penalty. Playing act 1-5, you encounter no penalty. Each death after you meet Kitava for the first time will distract 5% of your XP, and after you see Kitava for the second time you will get minus 10 % of your experience from each death.


We hope your progression in 3.16 Scourge POE will be engaging and successful. Read our tips and tricks to save time, resources and effort. In case you play a trade league, we recommend you to buy some gear if you lack it. You may visit our Gaming4ez.com store and purchase currency and items for the best prices there.