Path of Exile Classes

Path of Exile Classes

At the very beginning of your adventure, you need to decide what class your character will belong to. The choice is really important as it will influence not only the future scenario of your game play but also your feeling of self fulfillment. We recommend you to read the descriptions of character classes and pick up the one which is close to your inner nature and mindset.

Character Classes Attributes Introduction

There are 7 character classes or core classes  in POE game which are built on the basis of associated  attributes. A member of some classes has only one dominating attribute, whereas a character of other classes has a mix of 2 or even 3 attributes. Every class has their own starting location on the passive skill tree, rewards, attributes, and behavior.


Pure Characters Attributes

A character with one prevailing attribute is a pure one. Generally, there are only three abilities pure players may stick to, these are strength, dexterity and intelligence.


Strength gives rough violent power. Characters of the class uses maces to attack, and special armor pieces provide him with immaculate protection from any physical damage. Strength element is fire. Monsters associated with the attribute are very strong and resilient.


Dexterity grants flexibility and agility. Characters of the class with the attribute have bows and rapiers. They have a fast and maneuverable fighting style. Dexterity armor is designed to allow evading hits from enemies. The element of Dexterity is cold. Monsters associated with it are very agile and difficult to get into.


Intelligence relies on knowledge which means using magic and smart attack techniques. Characters of associated class use wand and sceptre. Intelligence armor gives the owner an energy shield which acts as protection from damages. Intelligence element is lightning. Monsters associated with the attribute are casters who attack with spells.

Hybrid Characters Attributes

As mentioned above, a character can incorporate 2 or 3 attributes. They are called hybrids.

Strength + Dexterity

Characters who have both strength and dexterity skills combat with swords and axes.They are fast and agile and have armor of strength that provides perfect protection from physical attacks.

Strength + Intelligence

Strength and intelligence owners fight with staves and sceptres.They also spell casts and are equipped with an ideal outfit which defends from attacks.

Dexterity + Intelligence

Those who combine dexterity and intelligence skills use daggers and claws for combating.They can apply either spells or their maneuverable fighting style in order to kill enemies.

Strength + Dexterity + Intelligence

Having all three attributes makes the characters to be the best in design and skill use.

Path of Exile character classes

Depending on what attribute or a mix of abilities a character has, they belong to various POE character classes.


Marauder has pure strength attributes. They use brute strength. It is hard to kill the one as he has defensive skills near his starting location on the Passive Skill Tree. He applies mace-like weapons and two-handed melee skills.


Being the owner of pure dexterity attributes, Ranger attacks quickly and accurately. She fights with bows from quite a long distance. From the beginning of the game she can focus on speed and evasion enhancement.


As the attribute ability of Witch is intelligence, she is very smart. She uses wands and sceptres together with spells. She also applies elemental & dark arts. Choosing the class, you can invest in spell skills and minions from the start of the game.


The combination of strength and dexterity gives Duelist speed and agility to avoid damage in the battle. By using swords or axes and extraordinary skills, he can combat lots of enemies.


Shadow combines dexterity and intelligence. He uses daggers or claws and can kill enemies by using both spells and agility. From the early game he can invest in Chaos magic and speed of attacks.


Merging strength and intelligence, Templar uses wisdom and power. The ideal protection armor allows him to survive the fiercest battle. The one can start reinforcing magic and physical defense skills from the beginning.


Scion starts in the middle of the Passive Skill Tree. Although she has a combination of strength, dexterity and intelligence which allows her to be the most flexible in terms of her skills and protection, she is a difficult character to manage.