New World Resource Map Guide

New World resource map guide

Starting adventures in the New World game, players face the need for a map which will help them navigate around the land of Aeternum to their target, find resources easier, and do quests quickly. The NW players are really very lucky as they have the possibility to use two maps. One is made by the game developers, the other one is created by fans. Both resource maps are massive, so a player requires some amount of time to get a real insight into how stuff works. That is why we have prepared a guide to using them, where we tried to highlight the most significant aspects.

How To Use New World Resource Map

When you purchase the game, you receive access to New World resource map developed by Amazon Game team. It is a bit less detailed, however, it doesn't include spoilers. If you use the map you`ll we see the main locations and points of interest, you will be able to zoom in and out, but the content will still remain a mystery for you.

New World Map Size

The New World resource map includes various parts, resources and biomes as the game requires lots of materials to be used by a character. Therefore, players usually ask about the map size. As there is no official information about it, some estimations and calculations were made. The whole area of the game was divided into two parts and then the squares of both were measured. It occurred that NW map covers the territory of 21.07344 square miles.

Unlocking Tracking Skill

The huge map allows players to look for immense resources. But a gamer needs to unlock the Tracking Skill first. For that, it is required to gain a relevant level of gathering skill of the specific resource. The one concerns mining, harvesting, logging, skinning, etc. For example, silver resources can be obtained on the 35th level of mining. The higher your tracking skill, the more and better things you will able to find. The skill is given automatically without notification. In order to check if you have the tracking skill for the stuff, you should look at the compass. When you approach the resource which you are able to track, the one will appear on it. The compass will also show you the way to the resource. If you want to limit the search, you may use biomes. For instance, you can catch fish in the water biome or hunt animals and get wood in forests.

Advise On How To Use The Resource Tracking Skill

There are some pieces of advice on how to use the tracking skill effectively and save time.

  • Unlocking more resource tracking skills will allow you to see nodes for all disciplines. Therefore we`d recommend you to grow abilities in all Gathering skills.
  • If other players collect all resources, gathering nodes will disappear from the map. Then you have to wait. Therefore, try to avoid farming resources on the overpopulated territories.
  • Use The "Resource Locator" together with a compass to find the best areas to farm.
  • Compass doesn't show the item itself but nodes only. For example, a rock icon on the compass may mean any metal. You will not know what exactly it will lead you to until you come to your destination.

New World Interactive Map

The New World resource map built by game fans is interactive. So you can zoom it in and out, hover over locations to see their names and things you can find there. A player can use filters which come along with the map. They allow the player to choose specific stuff they want to see on the map. One can select areas, resources, documents, chests, monsters needed and see their location on the map. It is also possible to enable or disable display content of lore pages. In order to save the current filters, a player can use the My Preset button.