New World factions - How to choose yours?

New World factions

New World is outstanding and engaging not only by the challenges that players face while crafting and gathering but also by its opportunity to progress in collaboration with friends. The mysterious Aeternum island has a lot of dangers where traditional life and death rules don't work. Striving to resurrect in a number of deaths is terrifying. Therefore, a gamer will feel much more protected if they play together with like-minded gamemates.

New World factions aka New World classes are groups of players who have their own values and ideas about how to travel around the island. The choice of faction determines who will be your enemies and allies in PvP and will identify the benefits which you will get while playing the game.

New World Faction Benefits

The New World game includes 3 main factions that a player can join. These are the Marauders, the Syndicate, and the Covenant. They have various armor outfits as well as values and backgrounds. A gamer chooses the faction referring to their preferences. However, the bigger territory the faction controls, the more benefits it has. More powerful groups who have invaded the biggest area enable their members to have stronger attacks with enemies, collect more resources and craft better equipment.

Selecting & Joining A Faction

Joining a faction provides a player with absolutely new experience. When a new player will get the tenth level, they will be able to do the "Commitment to the Cause" quest. It will enable the player to join one of the factions. In every region there is a representative of every faction who will share literature about the group`s values and their New World faction armor. When choosing a class, please consider how useful it can be for you as an individual player. As you remember fishing, farming and looting possibilities will highly depend on who controls the area. Moreover, Aetereum varies depending on the server where you play the game. It means that a choice of faction is also highly related to the choice of a server. Players can change factions for free only once. Then they can do it for additional payment only in 120 days.

The Marauders

The Marauders are willing to build a nation of strong, independent people. Therefore, they have very rigorous discipline which is compared to military regulations. Their color is green. They have 5 ranks: Soldier, Gladiator, Ravager, Destroyer and Commander. Their main goal is to use Aetereum`s resources for personal gain by means of the faction.

The Syndicate

The Syndicate is a faction known for their cunning intelligence who are looking for prohibited knowledge about the future.They consider intellect and knowledge to be more profitable than power. Syndicate makes their members complete a specific set of quests as a mandatory process for membership. Their colors are blue, purple and white. They rank their players starting from Adepts, Scrivener, Chronicler,Cabalist and finishing with Alchemists.

The Covenant

The Covenant is a group of fanatics who want to clean the world from heretics and restore justice. Their colors are gold, yellow, and orange. The players have ranks according to the tier they have. The Initiate is the lowest rank, then Templar, followed by Excubitor, Lumen , the Adjudicator and the highest one is Inquisitor.


Choosing the faction is a very responsible step in the game as it determines the game plot for your character. In order to make the right choice, focus on what territories the faction controls, how powerful it is and also how their values will align with your personal game preferences. It would be a more pleasant experience to do the game activities which cater to your needs and features of character. As well as you will feel more comfortable while grouping with people of the same insights, values and views.