New World Beginner's Guide

New World beginners guide

The New World game is gaining popularity worldwide. The tendency suggests that the mysteries of Aeternum are really worth exploring. However, as any MMO game New World has its own features and peculiarities. So that it was easier for newbies to join the game, the Gaming4ez team created a New World beginner's guide. Here we go!

User Interface & Controls

New World has a lot of default settings. However, there are also options which a player can set according to one`s own habits and demands. The settings include Key Binding, Preferences, Gameplay, Audio, Visuals and others which are clear how to adjust.

Try to remember the following basics of game control.

  • Use WASD to move.
  • Press and hold right-click to attack.
  • Hold left-click to block.
  • Press K to navigate to the Character menu, Tab-the Inventory screen, M to enter the Map.
  • Space to jump and W Space to climb objects.
  • Utilize “=” to autorun.
  • Press 1 or 2 to choose between weapons.
  • Food and potions are bound to 3, 4, 5, and 6.
  • Special attack moves can be bound to Q, R, and F.
  • E is for trading with NPCs and to pick up resources.


A player can start crafting right after they are introduced with the first workstation. The process consists of three skills: Gathering, Refining and Crafting. Gathering is the easiest one which can be acquired by simply exploring the world. Whereas Refining and Crafting are a bit more difficult to get. Before you start refining, you should understand what item you would like to have. Crafting requires more practice. The more you craft the better you do it. So, leveling up your character, you will be able to create top gear for either yourself or selling.

Equipment And Combat

Any character starts their journey with a sword and a shield. But while leveling up, the players are exploiting new weapons hence increasing their equipment load. Which actually defines the category of armor. There are three main classes of gear which have their own pluses. They are light, normal and heavy. Although more gear can give you more protection, it can add weight to your character which will influence mobility. In case you want the best armor, use faction gear which is quite easy to obtain.

The New World game involves five enemy categories and nine types of damages. While combating you may see the type of damage by the color of the number which pops up. Blue identifies lower damage, yellow defines higher damage, white shows no modifier, orange identifies critical hit.

The Camp

Camp is required for respawning your character when it dies. One can also rest, cook, eat and heal in a camp. We recommend you to set up camps before fierce fights with bosses or mobs. Camps are available at 500 metre distance, so if your character dies within the area, it will return back. In camp a character can easily find all important resources to continue the game. Otherwise, if you fall out of the area, your character will respawn in the town. While leveling up, it is also a good idea to follow a leveling tab, where you can see quests for improving your camp.

Traveling In New World

Travelling on foot can be time consuming. Therefore, NW players use the Fast Travel option which allows them to save time and complete quests faster. But such an opportunity costs resources. A character can teleport from one place of the map to another by using Azoth. The amount which you should spend depends on the distance, weight limit and if the territory is under control of your faction.

Here is an instruction of how you can use Fast Travel option:

  • Check if you stand in a settlement place
  • Open the map
  • Find the icon of your destination
  • Click on it and enable ‘Fast Travel'.

That's all. Have a nice play.