How To Make Gold Fast in WoW Classic?

How to make gold in WoW Classic

The accepted currency in WoW Classic game is gold. It is used for purchasing from vendors or gamers, for being transferred to characters of other gamers, and for buying items in the Auction House. There are plenty of ways to make gold in World of Warcraft Classic.

One of the most interesting methods is to farm gold by picking up a profession in the game. All professions are important and required for this or that purpose. However, here is a list of the most profitable activities gamers may do to make more gold.


Mining and Herbalism are highly paid jobs in WoW as they provide valuable resources which can be sold in bulk for quite a lot of money. Alchemy is another lucrative business as there are always raiders and runners who are looking for potions and oils. Inscription is one the most respected professions which deals with making contracts, which affect the reputation in the game. Enchanting is an activity which can bring good revenue. If a player has such a business in the game they enchant clothes, rings, weapons and other stuff to make it more powerful for a character and receive gold for themselves.

If you make gold by crafting professions, remember that your profit should always be more than your expenses. But on the other hand, mind your competitors who can make the price for the work lower. In order to cope with it, we suggest focusing on the best selling items rather than on too expensive ones. It is also not a good idea to change professions too often. Even if it looks too boring, don`t give up and you will sooner or later receive the gold you need.


Another way to make gold in WoW game is to do world quests. It, of course, requires much time commitment but is very easy to do. Just choose the reward you `d like to have and complete the quest. The main minus of questing is that the activity requires a huge amount of time and the player cannot earn much gold before they get to at least level 80.


Instances are useful for making gold too. They allow controlling time and counting the amount of obtained gold. Instances are areas in Wow where you can become a member of the raid party or group and make interaction with each other. Instances allow getting upgraded gear and making good money. For example, Cataclysm raids can bring 800 each one regarding the difficulty, Mists of Pandaria and Lich King can bring up to 2,000 g/day. However, bigger raids can be even more profitable.

Auction House

Nevertheless, one of the most common ways to make gold in WoW is playing the Auction House. The main practice you need to apply here is to buy as low as you can and sell as high as possible.

In order to obtain gold from the Auction House it makes sense to purchase potions or other raiding stuff cheap on the weekend and sell the things more expensively on Tuesday. As during the week raiders search for flasks and other stuff when raids renew. You can always make a killing when you find some herb or cloth at a low price and then price up later on. Despite all the benefits, making gold in Auction House requires a lot of patience and can be annoying. However, when you get fond of it, you can make a fortune.


Our advice is to buy WoW gold cheap at our in-game gold shop Gaming4EZ.com as it will save your time and effort and help you focus on the gameplay that is truly enjoyable. However, nevertheless, this does not mean that you should not know how to make gold fast in WoW Classic. Since the mentioned above information will also be useful to you in the game.