How to farm gold in WoW Classic Season of Mastery

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WoW Classic is definitely one of the most successful Blizzard initiatives. The new Season of Mastery offers even more engaging content and faster progress. However, an updated version has several pitfalls. One of them is how to make gold in WoW Classic Season of Mastery.

What is farming in WoW Classic?

Players make gold in World of Warcraft by farming. It means killing monsters and get their gold or grow XP. Each player chooses their own strategy of farming. They can either fight with lower-level enemies or stronger ones. Some gamers use farming for getting rare item drops which they sell on the auction house; the others farm to obtain materials for crafting.

The Best Gold Farms In Classic WoW Season Of Mastery

Season of Mastery is known for faster leveling and hence gold scarcity. Therefore, it is important for players to know effective gold farms in the new season which allow making coins faster and easier.

More difficult raid content and no World Buffs inside raids as well as other factors have changed farming strategies in comparison to WoW classic. That is why gold farms have been customized to the new content. Go on reading the descriptions of new farms and recommendations on what to do with them.

Farming Greys

Vendoring is one of the most convenient ways of making gold. You just sell items for coins and that`s it. Gray items are sold well.

Let`s take as an example some most profitable drops which can bring you gray items. Swamp Jaguars drop some white items together with Long Soft Tails and Bristly Whiskers. Bristly Whisker and Long Soft Tail can be exchanged for 7 silver and 33 copper and 8 silver, 3 copper per drop respectively.

You can also visit a cave in Stranglethorn vale where you will see Thrashtail basilisks. Large Basilisk Tail drops 7 silver, 13 copper, the Squishy Basilisk Eye is worth 6 silver, 76 copper and also the Basilisk Heart will be 10 silver, 13 copper.

These are the best deals with farming grays you may do for gaining more gold.

Farming Cloth

Stockades, Deadmines, Scarlet Monastery, WPL farms are intended for farming plenty of cloth. If you're a magician, take advantage of AOE including Arathi Highland farms for obtaining cloth.

Encrypted Twilight Text

The item is needed to raise Cenarion Circle reputation to withstand gear recipes in Ahn'Qiraj.You can farm Encrypted Twilight Text by killing monsters and sell the stuff in the auction house.

Demonic Runes & Felcloth

Kill demonic creatures in Felwood and get their drops such as Felcloth and demonic runes. Felcloth is used to make a Mooncloth which is important for creating plenty of useful stuff. Demonic runes are extremely valuable among raiders because they do not share a cooldown with Major Mana Potion. The runes are applied in some recipes such as Tailoring's Felcloth Gloves. Both Demonic Runes and Felcloth can bring a lot of gold in Mastery Season.

The Eye of Shadow

It casts a curse that drains the target's mana for 250 per second and explodes for 4,000 AOE damage when the enemy runs out of mana to drain.

The stuff can be obtained from slaying demons in Winterspring valley. Becoming a hunter or a mage, a player can get the Eye in Blasted land, the Dreadlords, Felguard Elite, Manahounds, etc.

Enchant Weapon - Crusader

Crusader is an enchant that gives a weapon more strength. You have a 0.4 chance of having it dropped in Western plaguelands, the Scarlet Spellbinders. Crusader is the best enchant in the game and can be profitably sold in Auction house.


There are some types of elementals, each corresponding to the basic elements of the world: earth, fire, wind, and water.

The things are really good and demanded as they give a stronger protection. Elementals are obtained in Arathi Highlands Burning Exile, Earth Rock Elemental and the Badlands, Water Cresting Exile,Toxic Horrors, Air Thundering Exile and Felwood.

The Best Items You Can Farm To Make Gold In WoW Classic Season

Fused Wiring

Fused Wiring is a profitable item which can bring gold. It is used in crafting Field Repair Bot and the Gnomish Cloaking Device. They are needed in PvE, and Gnomish Cloaking Device is a PvP item. Raiding guilds need lots of Fused Wiring for their activities. Players have them drop in Venture Co. Shredders, Mechanized Guardians and Frostwalkers, and Arcane Nullifiers, Peacekeeper Security Suits.


It is a herb that can be gathered by those with herbalism. Swiftthistle is needed to make Thistle Tea which brings 100 energy on the fly. Rogues require it in PvE and PvP and raids. At the beginning of the game the herb is cheap. After the 60th level Swiftthistles are bought in bulk for lots of gold.

Golden Pearl

Golden Pearl is the main ingredient for the Spell Power weapon enchant which is critical for caster dps. The item drops from Big-mouth clams at level 40 in Azshara, Dustwallow Marsh, Swamp of Sorrows, Feralas and plenty of other places.

Small Flame Sac

Small Flame Sac is required to craft Fire Protection Potions. The guilds need them in Molten Core, Onyxia, and Blackwing Lair. When they need it, the guild members will be ready to pay you a lot of gold for the items.

The Small Flame Sac can be obtained from dragon-type creatures in Feralas, Dire Maul, Ashenvale.