How does trading work in Path of Exile?

How does trading work in Path of Exile

Trading is an important part of any RPG that enables gamers to exchange gold and things with each other. PoE trading requires special skills and experience but can bring a good profit and speed up the game if you know how to trade in Path of Exile. But sad to say, not everyone knows how, what and when to make it.

If you want to know the answers to the questions above, here are some basic rules and hacks for you.

POE stands out from other games of the same genre by the fact that there is neither specific currency nor auction house to make trades. In order to do the activity, POE gamers decided that some items could be used as money. This way, orbs and scrolls were chosen as currency which will affect the barter economy of the game. Chaos Orbs are standard currency items which can be obtained by crafting or monster drops.

So, in order to make trades the participants of POE game can meet with each other and make transactions. It means that if you want to buy something, you need to keep track of the game`s chat to catch the one who is selling the items you are looking for. Since you have found the seller, you will have to contact him. In order to make the deal both participants have to agree on it. Buying items in such a way is annoying and exhausting, therefore POE gamers very rarely use it.

Path of Exile trading on official website

Another way for obtaining POE stuff is to use the POE trade official website. It looks like a platform for transactions between players. Compared to chat trading, it is easier to use and makes deals faster. So it will also be useful for you to know how to trade in Path of Exile with poe trading on pathofexile.com.

If you need a piece of equipment for example, you need to select it in the Type Filters, then specify the details and characteristics of the item, then choose the requirements for the thing you`d like to buy, after that specify the price you are ready to pay, and lastly press the button Search and pick up the offer which suits you. When there are no options for you, you have to alter the input settings.

If you see the item that caters to your needs, click on the Whisper, it is a button on the right from the item description you want to buy and under the nickname of the seller. The program will copy the message then you need to paste the message in a game chat. After that you will be given an invitation to the group. After accepting it, you can visit the hideout of the player. There you will be offered to make a trade. It is important to double check the item before you complete the trade. If the thing is what you really want, buy it and leave the Hideout. If the item is not exactly what you expected, refuse to buy it.

POE trading tips and advises

Beware that some gamers can cheat by offering different items in the trade window, so look at the stuff very attentively before you buy it. Sometimes, it can occur that the player you want to trade with is not replying to your request. It could be possible if the item has been sold already. Then press the Refresh , go back to POE.trade and see if the item is still available. If so, write again in a short time. Trading POE items such way thus can even get a little grueling and lengthy.


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