Diablo 2 Resurrected Classes. Full Guide

Diablo 2 Resurrected Classes. Full Guide

Traditionally, there are 7 Diablo 2 resurrected classes. All of them have their own special skills and manner of fighting. A player can choose any of the classes relying on their preferences. However, picking the wrong class for the character will complicate and even may spoil your game engagement. Let`s see what is the best class to play.


The Paladin class is a good melee choice. The one has a huge collection of abilities and gear to choose from. It, on one hand, can be a huge benefit but on the other hand quite confusing for a player. The Paladin can be either offensive or defensive type. The character can power up the entire team as well as heal and support friends. His strongest points are health and strength.
The main intention of the Paladin is to race for an elemental aura that provides area-of-effect damage. Whereas it is good for lower levels, it is difficult to scale into higher levels and is not very well compatible with the advanced abilities of the Paladin.

The Best Paladin Build

The Hammerdin build is the best for the Paladin in Diablo 2 Resurrected. It revolves around a number of skills, with Blessed Hammer as the most important one.  The skill makes holy hammers fly near the Paladin killing enemies around him. Players can enhance the Paladin`s defense and offense by maximizing Blessed Aim, Vigor, Concentration, and Holy Shield in order to accelerate speed, attack rating, and overall defense.


The Necromancer is an interesting class known for its many pets like skeleton folds that he can make fight for him. He can also use curses and poison to kill foes. The Necromancer wands can give you free improvement to existing skills, and even lifestyle if you’re lucky. Change a few weapons that only other classes can use which you obtain in the game and sell them to Akara in exchange for the best wand for you.  One of the minor drawbacks of the Necromancer is lack of physical power, however, the type is not the weakest in the game.

The Best Necromancer Build

The best build for the Necromancer is the Summoner build. The main skill of the character type is to raise skeletons. Thus using the ability the Necromancer can summon 12 skeletons at once and build an undead army. They can also summon minions and apply Corpse Explosion to make all enemies dead in the area. The Necromancer can also use Decrepify to curse foes and amplify the damage they have already received. In order to play the Summoner build, a player needs to raise his strength to 26 and spend the rest on vitality. The weakest point of the class is not strong enough gear, thus a gamer is recommended to constantly improve health and defense ability.


Sorceresses’ main tool is their skill to use the power of ice, flame, and thunder against their enemies. Their ability to make strong elemental damage and spells help the character type have an engaging game at high levels. But at the beginning Sorceress is vulnerable, therefore it could be a good idea to find a partner to survive. Ice tree with frost bolt and her armor spell may help at the lowest levels to play safe. The main weakness of the class is poor melee fights. It can be compensated by an immense mana pool.

The Best Sorceress Build

There are several best builds for Sorceress. The Lightning Sorceress is one of the most powerful ones. But a character needs more than average equipment in order to play to its full potential there. Blizzard Sorceress is another good build for her as she can successfully play even with little equipment. Frozen Orb Sorc is a very popular build.  Among the strongest abilities of Sorceress is access to the Teleport Skill from the Lightning Skill tree. It implies no need in Enigma Body Armor Runeword in the endgame.


Barbarian is a good choice for players who like combats with various weapons. If you think that swinging sword or axe, and shout loudly at your enemy, then it`s your character. Barbarian is fast, flexible, and tough. He has a really fun leap ability. It is hard to go wrong with the Barbarian at the beginning of the game.

The Best Barbarian Build

The most beneficial build for Barbarian is the “Whirlwind.” When the character type uses the skill in small “portions,” they can make huge damage. The character type is known for the distractions he provides, as it is a good advantage for multiplayer style.


Druid makes use of nature and skills that provide body modifications. The character type can do anything. He can change into big creatures like a werewolf or werebear, hand out elemental damage, and buff friends with auras. Druid is a good option for players who prefer a combination of melee and magical combat with average stats.

The Best Druid Build

The best build for Druid is probably the ‘Fury Werewolf’ build. There the character can become a monster with plenty of useful buffs. The build also allows the option to ask a grizzly bear to fight with foes. The character can complement to multiplay with a Sorceress and Paladin.


The Assassin is known for exploiting a combination of martial arts with traps. She is also amazing in her ninja techniques, significant speed, and dexterity. Despite having average stats, her great stamina stands her in good stead. She is considered to be the hardest class to play.

The Best Assassin Build

‘Trapsin’ is the best Assassin build. The main idea of which is to create traps for Demons in Sanctuary. If Assassin has suitable equipment and a set of skills, he can be very powerful.


The Amazon can apply fire arrows with fire and cold elements and other magical effects to damage foes. They may also kill enemies with spears or javelins. She is quite confusing for new players due to a lot of optional skills.

The Best Amazon Build

The best build for Amazon consists of two sections: the Bowazon and the Javazon. The former applies crossbow abilities, the latter utilizes the spear and javelin. You start with Bowazon and continue with Javazon build. 

Diablo 2 Resurrected Class Tier List

Choosing the character that meets your preferences is not enough. In order to have a really engaging game experience, it is also important to choose the right build to play. There are the best builds for different classes. The list of the builds includes A-Tier, B-Tier, C-Tier, and S-Tier one. Read below what the current situation with the builds is. However, remember that it may change later on.


The list of the category also consists of really interesting and well-designed builds. However, not the best ones.

Character Build
Sorceress Fireball Meteor Sorceress
Sorceress Fireball Blizzard Sorceress
Sorceress Fireball Nova Sorceress
Sorceress Frozen Orb Sorceress
Sorceress Lightning Sorceress
Druid Wind Druid
Paladin Zeal Paladin
Paladin Dream Paladin
Assassin Kicksin


B-Tier builds are not so bad, but there are a lot of drawbacks in playing them. All in all, they are quite average in terms of power and emotions.

Character Build
Assassin Fire Trapsin
Assassin Fireblast Assassin
Druid Fury Druid
Druid Fury Druid
Necromancer Bone Spear Necromancer
Necromancer Bone Spear Necromancer
Sorceress Zeal Sorceress
Barbarian Whirlwind Barbarian
Barbarian Warcry Barbarian
Barbarian Frenzy Barbarian
Sorceress Meteorb Sorceress
Sorceress Bear Sorceress
Amazon Poison Javazon


The builds are not clear, therefore we recommend you go into them only if you know the game well and really want to challenge yourself.

Character Build
Druid Fire Claw Druid
Assassin Whirlwind Assassin
Assassin Vampire
Sorceress Firewall Sorceress
Amazon Physical Bowazon
Barbarian Wolf Barbarian
Amazon Physical Javazon
Druid Rabies Druid
Assassin Bladesin
Sorceress Meleeress


The S-Tier includes the most powerful and really well-structured builds.

Character Build
Sorceress Blizzard Sorceress
Necromancer Poison Nova Necromancer
Necromancer Summon Necromancer
Amazon Lightning Javazon
Paladin Hammerdin
Paladin Smite Paladin
Barbarian Goldfind Barbarian
Barbarian Berserk Barbarian
Assassin Lightning Trapsin

Diablo 2 Resurrected Best Class

It is not simple to figure out Diablo 2 Resurrected the best class, as it is a matter of preferences, and there is no class that can proceed through the whole game on the hardest difficulty. Therefore, the list, which shows the ranking from the best to worst below, is not a pure consensus of all players. Rather, it shows a calculation of an average opinion relying on players` feedback and game analytics.

Ranked Best To Worst
1 Paladin
2 Necromancer
3 Sorceress
4 Amazon
5 Druid
6 Assassin
7 Barbarian



All Diablo 2 Resurrected classes have their right to claim to the throne. They also have their peculiarities to cater to the demands of all game fans. Use our tips to play your own style and have your own unique experience.