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1,We always prepare enough gold in all servers,so you will recieve your purchase within 30 mins.

2,When you place the order,make sure you give us the correct information.

3,Stay online in game after you place the order,we will invite you into party when we are ready to deliver.

4,Never give back your gold to anyone in game include us for any reason,when you recieve the purchase.

5,If we can't deliver it on time,you can request a refund any time.



Jim Andre Høines-Larsen
Order: G4EZ******42 Product: Path of exile Orbs fast delivery! no question about it :)
Dustin Meier
Order: G4EZ******12 Product: Path of exile Orbs Perfect, thank you!
Jack Hudson
Order: G4EZ******57 Product: Path of exile Orbs Fantastic service
Ichiro Tanaka
Order: G4EZ******02 Product: Path of exile Orbs Thank you