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WOW US Information

November 23, 2004, was remembered by many gamers around the world, because it was on that day that the legendary World of Warcraft from Blizzard Entertainment came out. Today it is the highest grossing and most popular MMORPG in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records. She collected an incredible number of awards, received a lot of rave reviews. About the game universe WoW did not hear only ... yes everyone heard! Especially after the release of the full-length film of the same name, which not only fans of the game, but also simply fans of high-quality fantasy waited with great impatience.

Why is the game WoW so remarkable?

Separate attention is deserved by perfectly issued locations World of Warcraft. Your character will travel through evergreen forests, gloomy deserts, snow-covered fields, majestic cities with beautiful Buddhist temples, impressive fortifications, mysterious fortresses... Within a few minutes you are guaranteed to fall in love with this world!

Alas, the wonderful world of WoW will not immediately open to you. The game is paid, so you have to buy a subscription. Of course, you can initially try out the starting version, but many possibilities are limited, so you just postpone the purchase of a subscription for a few days or a week. By the way, in the future you can pay for your stay in Warcraft with the help of in-game gold, buying a special token for it. Conversely, buying a token for real money will bring you WOW gold in the game.