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Vaal Orb

POE Vaal Orb

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One of uncommon Path of Exile currency items is Vaal Orb. It can corrupt an item, causing unpredictable outcome. After using such an orb, the properties of the item can neither be restored nor changed (except for special cases with Artisan's Bench). POE Vaal Orbs are a bit unusual, therefore rarely used. Gaming4ez.com offers good prices and fast delivery of POE Orbs.

How to get Vaal Orbs?

Vaal orb can be received by either farming it or trading with other gamers. In order to farm it in the game, you need to buy it from a vendor. You can either exchange it for 7 Vaal skill gems or purchase 1 Vaal Orb for 1 sacrifice fragment. 1 orb can also be obtained for 3 The Catalyst Divination Cards or 10 Vaal orbs for 6 The Inventor cards. You can get the orb, by using Vaal Orb Corrupt prophecy. You need to kill a boss in a Vaal side area for that.

How much is a Vaal Orb worth?

Vaal Orb has a high value and is especially useful in the end game. In Path of Exile, Vaal Orb price corresponds to either 8 Orbs of Chance, 1x Chaos Orbs, or 1/210 Exalted Orb. However, the price may vary depending on the league and platform you play on. There is also a good option to buy POE Vaal Orb for real money from Gaming4ez.com online shop. You can easily place an order and receive it within several minutes. The orb is available for PS4, PC and Xbox.

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