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Silver Coin

POE Silver Coin

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POE Silver Coin is game currency which the player can exchange for Navali`s prohecencies. Prophecy is a vision of a character`s future provided by sage Navali. They can be bought for one Silver Coin and stored in the prophecy screen. Each prophecy can grant the player much experience, unique items and achievements. Buy Silver Coin for the required server at a low price on our trading platform Gaming4ez.com. 

How to get POE Silver Coin?

Path of Exile Silver Coin is achieved by farming. If a player loots the coins from slain monsters and opened chests, the drop rate is rather high. The currency can also drop from strong boxes with the Prophecy Suffix. Some players acknowledge that a good way to obtain the currency is to trade for it with other gamers. The ratio is approximately 20 Siver Coins for 1 Chaos Orb. You can also buy POE Silver coins here at $ 0.001 - $ 0.004. The price depends on the league and device you are playing on.

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