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Regal Orb

POE Regal Orb

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Regal Orb is unique currency item used to upgrade any item with Magic properties to Rare item. I.e. it allows changing blue item to yellow one. After the change is done, the system will automatically select one bonus feature for the changed item, however, all its magic properties will remain the same. For example, if a unique orb is turned into a magic item with one skill, then after changing, the character will get an item with two skills. Choose POE Regal Orb for the server you need and buy it for a fair price at Gaming4ez.com.

Path of Exile Regal Orb value?

Path of Exile Regal Orb value is really high. One should vendor a complete collection of rare items to get 2 or 1 Regal Orb. Previously the type of currency was as expensive as Chaos Orbs. In the last leagues the cost for the orbs fell down. However, the most attractive price for the item is on our website.

How to get Regal Orbs?

If you want to improve a magic object to rare one, use a Regal Orb. A gamer can obtain it by selling a complete set of rare objects with 75th item level. The level can be checked by holding the alt button and hovering over the object. A full set means body armor, two rings and amulet, boots, gloves, a belt and a helmet. For all identified items a gamer gets 2 Regal Orbs, otherwise only one. The easiest and more profitable way to get the currency is to buy it at GamingEZ.com.

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