Orb of Fusing
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Orb of Fusing

POE Orb of Fusing

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Orb of Fusing is a common currency item which allows the player to forge any item. POE Orb of Fusing helps change the number of links between sockets on a weapon or piece of armour. The colors and number of sockets remain unchanged. The currency item drops from creatures, bosses; and can be found in chests, containers and exchanged for divination cards. If you're pressed for time, buy Orb of Fusing for a nice price on our trade website and you will get it shortly.

How much is Orb of Fusing worth?

This currency is generally really expensive and useful. A player can apply it to change the links between the sockets on equipment or other things. The currency object costs four Chromatic Orbs or two fifths of Chaos Orb. A lot of gamers complain that exchanging Fusing orbs in exalts, chaos or jeweller`s ones is not a good deal. They say it is much more profitable to buy it at our store.

How to get Orb of Fusing?

Orb of Fusing is a currency object for rerolling the links between sockets on armor. Here are some ideas of where to get Orb of Fusing. One of the ways to get the currency is to finish off monsters or open chests. However, the drop rate is quite low, around 3.443%. One can also buy this currency from Yeena for four Jeweller’s Orbs. It can be exchanged for Divination cards and other currency items. But the best way to get the mentioned orb is on a reliable trade website like Gaming4EZ.com.

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