Orb of Augmentation
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Orb of Augmentation

POE Orb of Augmentation

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POE Orb of Augmentation is a common in-game currency. It is needed to improve magic equipment by adding a mod on it. The currency can be applied to add either prefix or suffix to the magic item which has only one corresponding affix. As the orb is quite inexpensive, players can freely utilize it for leveling up their character in any period of Path of Exile game. Be advised to buy Orb of Augmentation at our store at a very affordable price when you need it for smoother game experience.

How to get Orb of Augmentation?

There are several methods to obtain Orb of Augmentation in the Path of Exile game. The first one is to get it from murdered monsters, destroyed chests and containers; by the way the drop rate is quite high. Players can use POE Orb of Augmentation recipe or purchase the orb from vendors. If you trade with other gamers, you can buy Path of Exile Orb of Augmentation for 1/38 Chaos Orbs. You may also purchase the required number of orbs from our online store for $ 0.001- $ 0.002 each.

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