Orb of Annulment
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Orb of Annulment

POE Orb of Annulment

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Orb of Annulment is a currency item which helps remove random property from Magic or Rare item. Applying POE Orb of Annulment is quite risky, since the modifier could be randomly deleted. The currency is mainly used for crafting items, in particular, for improving good items with one undesired modifier. Choose appropriate server and order Orb of Annulment at a good price from Gaming4ez.com online store.

How much is Orb of Annulment worth?

Orb of Annulment is quite rare drop, has a high value and price. In the Path of Exile game, the orb can be exchanged for 20 Annulment Shards that come from maps with Harbingers mods. A player can also get it by trading with peers. The price for it is from 10 to 15 Chaos Orbs. There is also an opportunity to buy an orb of annulment cheap, safe and fast at our online POE currency shop. Please, consider that the price for it depends on the platform and league you are playing on.

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