Orb of Alteration
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Orb of Alteration

Orb of Alteration

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In Path of Exile, the Orb of Alteration is required to change the random mods on magic items. The currency is also needed for crafting high-end items. They are included in some vendor recipes and are used for purchasing maps, skill gems, and magic or rare equipment from vendors. The orb can also be exploited for numerous Crafting Bench recipes. Players can obtain it by farming or trading with other gamers or buy POE Orb of Alteration for various leagues and servers at a good price from Gaming4ez.com.

How to get Orb of Alteration?

As mentioned above, Orb of Alteration can be obtained by several different in-game activities. Firstly, a player can make it by vendor recipe. It means that one can sell magic or rare items to an NPC for Alteration Shards. When 20 shards are collected, they can be turned into the orb. A gamer can also buy Orbs of Alteration for 4 Orbs of Augmentation each from an NPC. Farming is one of the most natural ways to get the orb. You can receive it by killing monsters, the drop rate is around 5.5%.

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