Orb of Alchemy
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Orb of Alchemy

POE Orb of Alchemy

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Orb of Alchemy is a unique currency item which allows upgrading white item (normal equipment) into yellow item (rare). It has average gaming and financial value for rarity. Stack size: 10. Buy POE Orb of Alchemy safe and for a cheap price from Gaming4ez.com.

How to get Orb of Alchemy?

Orb of Alchemy can be acquired in several ways. The easiest one is to get it by vendor recipe. It says that most corrupted and enchanted mods produce Alchemy Shards. If a player has 20 shards, they will receive an Orb of Alchemy. It is possible to go farming the orb from murdered monsters or by opening destructible containers or chests. Another way is to trade it for one Chromatic Orb, or 1/9 Chaos Orb with other players. You can also buy Orbs of Alchemy for various servers at our online store.

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