Offering to The Goddess
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Offering to The Goddess

POE Offering to The Goddess

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Offering to The Goddess is fragments of maps needed to open portal to secret high-tier area by means of map device. POE Offering to The Goddess can be achieved by succeeding in the final trials ( Trials of Ascension). The item is highly valued among players, because it can be applied only once to get in desecrated ground and get a chance to extract precious items.

How to get Offering to The Goddess?

Farming Offering to The Goddess involves several activities. It can be acquired after Eternal trial completion. A player can receive only one fragment per Labyrinth trial. If you collect 6 Boon of Justice divination cards, you can exchange them to the fragment. As usually you can trade with other players and buy Path of Exile Offering to the Goddess for a couple of Chaos Orbs. But still the simplests and fastest way to get the fragment is to buy it at Gaming4ez.com.

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