Mirror of Kalandra
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Mirror of Kalandra

Mirror of Kalandra

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The most precious and rare currency you can buy in POE is The Mirror of Kalandra. It enables gamers to make a mirror copy of a card, item, or equipment. This new thing will feature a special characteristic which will allow no further modifications. It means that the copy will be fully similar to the original object in parameters and features, but it will not be influenced by other currencies (for example, the player will not be able to change its quality or quantity or sockets color). POE Mirror of Kalandra is being sold at a very attractive price at Gaming4ez.com online store.

How much is Mirror of Kalandra worth?

The Mirror of Kalandra is the most expensive thing in Path of Exile game. Gamers trade it for either 1200 Chaos Orbs or around 200 Exalted Orbs in standard. However, there is a faster and cheaper way to obtain this item. You can buy it for the best price at Gaming4ez.com online store.

How rare is Mirror of Kalandra?

Mirror of Kalandra is the most expensive and rare item in Path of Exile game. People say that it can take a player up to five thousand hours of gametime to spot it. It's level of drop is 35 and the drop rate is less than thousandths slot per cent.

How to get?

The Mirror of Kalandra can be dropped when a player kills a monster. It can be taken from a chest or a container too. Sometimes players also get the item by playing a game, but chances are one-in-a-thousand. So, it can take years to do it. One buys it in POE game for orbs but the price is too high. The best way to obtain the Mirror of Kalandra is to purchase it at our shop.

Why is Mirror of Kalandra so valuable?

The Mirror of Kalandra is really the most valuable item in the POE game. Some players estimate its value to be more than 200 exalted orbs and even much more expensive. The price is determined by a very low drop rate. It is approximately one-in-a-thousand opportunity to obtain it in a game. The Mirror of Kalandra allows players to make a copy of an item. It is especially good when the production of the item is expensive and the time needed to make it is too long.

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