Gemcutter`s Prism
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Gemcutter`s Prism

POE Gemcutter`s Prism

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Gemcutter's Prism is a special in-game Path of Exile currency which allows a player to raise the quality of skill gems ( maximum by 20%). The value of quality improvement for one try is 1%. Though Gemcutter's Prism is considered to be a rare item,  it can be obtained from strong creatures, found in secret areas or in chests, etc. However, the easiest and simplest way to get POE Gemcutter's Prism for various servers is to buy it for a cheaper price at Gaming4ez.com online store.

How to get Gemcutter`s Prism?

Path of Exile Gemcutter's Prism is dropped quite rarely. Nevertheless, a player can get it by killing off monsters, breaking chests and destroying strongboxes. It is also possible to make the item by a vendor recipe. The Prism is received for skill gems of a specific quality or collection of Divination Cards. POE gamers trade one with another to get the item. You can buy Gemcutter's Prism for 1/2 Chaos Orb from other players.

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