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POE Fossils is a particular type of value applied in the delve league. It can be used in resonators to retrofit the crafting actions in a determined manner. You can detect a lot of Fossils in Delves.
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Best POE Fossils

Poe fossils is a type of currency socketed into resonators for modifying crafting. They are released in the Delve league. The list of the best fossils in Path of Exile includes Faceted Fossil and Fractured Fossil. Faceted Fossil can either drop in Azurite Mine or be bought from Niko the Mad. In order to change item crafting behavior, you need to insert a Faceted Fossil in a resonator. It also multiplies "gem_levels" tag modifiers spawn weights by 10. Fractured Fossil could be found in the Azurite mine. It enables players to split mostly rare items, however cannot be applied to duplicate Synthesised, Influenced, Fractured and Enchanted items.