Chromatic Orb
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Chromatic Orb

POE Chromatic Orb

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POE Chromatic Orb is a common currency item. In Path of Exile it can be used to alter the color of the sockets on an item. The players know that it is important to have a required number of sockets of appropriate colors on a piece of gear. You can obtain the needed socket colors by rerolling the number only if you have good luck. In order to receive a coveted result, you need a few PoE Chromatic Orbs. A player can get the orb by farming. One can also buy it at our online store for a good price.

How to use Path of Exile Chromatic Orb?

As mentioned before, Chromatic Orb is used to change the color of sockets on equipment. It is a random process. But the result depends on attribute requirements of the equipment. If the item requires Strength, it increases the probability of getting red sockets; in case of Intelligence, the chances to get blue sockets are higher; and if the thing requires Dexterity, green sockets are the most probable. As Chromatic Orbs are cheap and not hard to get, you can trade them while leveling your character.

How to get POE Chromatic Orb?

Chromatic orb is not difficult to achieve by farming. A player can farm it by killing monsters, opening chests or Arcanist’s Strongboxes. There is also an opportunity to buy Chromatic Orb from vendors for Jeweller`s Orb or obtain it by using a vendor recipe. A gamer can get the orb by selling an item with placed red, blue or green socket to an NPC. One can also exchange 1 Chaos Orb for 10 Chromatic Orbs. And lastly, you can purchase the orb at our online store for a very good price.

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