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How can you get poe leveling service from us? When you decide to buy path of exile power, please chat live with us to find out if there is a free employee who will be able to take your task. We ensure you that we'll never use bot on your account but only trusted players and all your drops will be left on your account. Check if the info needed to login your account as well as your requirements are given to us. Please, don't login while we are doing path of exile power leveling for you.

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New League HC 1-70 Powerleveling

Need Time : 12 Hr

New League HC 70-80 Powerleveling

Need Time : 12 Hr

New League SC 1-70 Powerleveling

Need Time : 12 Hr

New League SC 70-80 Powerleveling

Need Time : 12 Hr

New League SC 80-90 Powerleveling

Need Time : 24 Hr

Standard 1-70 Powerleveling

Need Time : 12 Hr

Standard 70-80 Powerleveling

Need Time : 12 Hr

Standard 80-90 Powerleveling

Need Time : 24 Hr

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Always got the goods

Jacob Guffey
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You rock! Thank you so much!

Claude Labelle
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POE Item Level

POE item level also known as ilvl identifies the affixes which can be used with this item. If it is very low, the quantity of affixes and other properties available to the object is very limited. But if Path of Exile item level is high, the thing can be improved with significant sockets and modifiers. A player should not confuse ilvl with either level of equipment requirement or drop level of base item.

How to check item level?

If you to check item level, you need to hover the cursor over the object and press ALT button. You can find the ilvl in the item description. You can also set the item onto the cursor and type in "itemlevel" request into the chat box. You will see item level in chat. Another way is to hover a cursor over the item and press CTRL+C. It will copy the information about the object, then you need to paste it in chat and you will see item level in the text. Max item level in Path of Exile game is 100.

How to increase item level?

It is impossible to increase it. It is the indicator which shows what level you have to be for utilizing the item. The only case when ilvl makes sense is when a player wants to upgrade the object with modifiers. Mods are available for specific item levels. The indicator also shows how many sockets the object can receive. The higher ilvl the more sockets the item can get.

How to level up fast in POE?

If a player wants to level up their character, they either need to play the game day and night or get POE leveling items fast buying them for real money. Obviously, not all players can spend so much time on practicing the game. That is why a lot of gamers buy boosting service from traders. Gaming4ez.com is a reliable internet store where players can get very quick and professional service at a good price. We are currently offering 8 POE power leveling options for pumping your character to the desired level.