Blessed Orb
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Blessed Orb

POE Blessed Orb

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Blessed Orb is a currency item which allows changing numerical values of item`s implicit properties.It can affect only the items with variable implicit values. On our website you can buy Poe Blessed Orb for different types of servers and platforms at cheap prices.

How much is Blessed Orb worth?

Blessed Orb has a great value in the Path of Exile game. Therefore, it is not a good idea to use it while levelling up your character as the item on which you`d use the orb could be not worth it. Blessed Orbs can be dropped by killing rivals, opening chests or farming. The price for a Blessed Orb is ΒΌ of Chaos Orb on average. However, it may vary depending on the league. At the Gaming4ez.com store a player can buy the orb for PC Standard league for $ 0.001 and for XBox Standard for $ 0.007, for example.

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