Armourer`s Scrap
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Armourer`s Scrap

POE Armourer's Scrap

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Armourer's Scrap is a currency item which enables armor quality improvement. The value of quality improvement for one use depends on how rare the armor is. Applying Poe Armourer's Scrap improves white (normal ) item by 5 %, blue (magic) item by 2% , rare and unique ones by 1%. The maximum quality value of any item is 20%. Buy Path of Exile Armourer's Scrap currency for different servers at a good price and with fast delivery at Gaming4ez.com

How to get POE Armourer's Scrap?

There are several methods to get POE Armourer's Scrap. The most common way to receive it is to kill monsters; open strongboxes, containers and chests. A player can also use a POE Armourer's Scrap recipe from vendors for the purpose. A gamer has to collect 5 The Master Artisan or Emperor's Luck divination cards and exchange them for an item. There is an opportunity to buy Path of Exile Armourer's Scrap from other players for 1/7 Chaos orb on average.

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