Ancient Orb
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Ancient Orb

POE Ancient Orb

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POE Ancient Orb is an important currency which turns one unique item into another of the same class. For instance, it turns a helmet into another helmet, a shoe into another shoe, an amulet into another amulet, a bottle into another bottle, etc. In Path of Exile game Ancient Orb doesn`t drop but can be obtained by collecting 20 Ancient Shards. You can also get ancient orb much easier by buying it at Gaming4ez.com.

How much is Ancient Orb worth?

Ancient Orb was first introduced in Harbinger League. It is one of the most unstable currencies, the price for it has been fluctuating. Today a player can buy Ancient Orb for a bit more than 9 Chaos Orbs and sell for up to 11 ones. So, an average in-game value of the orb is 10 Chaos Orbs. Ancient Orb is no easy to receive as a player should collect a number of shards first, only then he/she can obtain the orb. At Gaming4ez.com one can buy it for $ 0.038 for PC Exidition, and $0.07 for PC Standard.

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