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Path of Exile Information

Path of exile also known as "POE" is an Action RPG developed by Grinding gear games, some said poe was a clone of Diablo 3, but it's more like Diablo 2 than D3, acutally it's more than diablo!

Game features:

1. Skill gems system

Skill is an indispensable element for any action rpg games. In path of exile, the skills are no long bound to your characters, no matter proactive skills, support skills or arua skills they are given by the item " skill gems" They are over 300 skill gems in game now, it makes the players' skill diversification.

2. Talent system

The most impressive in path of exile is the huge talent system, there are 1384 talent points in the map, connected to each other. All the classes in poe are able to active it. There are several core talents distributed in every corners. What kind of talent tree you will active makes the difference between buildings. In the talent map there are some slots called jewels slot, you can plug injewels which you can find in game to improve your building.

3. Poe currency system

Currency is a necessary element in all mmorpgs, in path of exile currency is composed of a wide variety of poe orbs, for example: exalted orb, chaos orb, orb of fusing etc. Each kind of them has different useage on crafting. This unique feature made the economic never lose it's balance, not like any other mmorpgs.


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