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  • Ronald
    Super A+ service, customer support was very helpful and kind, thank you very much for the overall great service :)
    Gaming4ez.com: Thank you for your support to us
  • Francois
    Told me of tardy delivery, made up for it with extra gold. prob buy again
    Gaming4ez.com: thanks
  • wangguoqin
    ty... face to face is much more reliable tho...
    Gaming4ez.com: thanks :D
  • Dean
    Super fast! No problems whatsoever.
    Gaming4ez.com: thanks
  • Shae Germann
    Excellent seller, great communication, and prompt delivery.
    Gaming4ez.com: thanks
  • William Storey
    Took a bit longer than expected, but item received in full.
    Gaming4ez.com: thanks
  • Maciej
    Just a few minutes off mark, but it all arrived and they were very communicative
    Gaming4ez.com: thanks
  • Silas Washington
    smooth and fast great deal
    Gaming4ez.com: tyvm
  • AbccbA
    Very fast!! will buy again! A++++
    Gaming4ez.com: thanks
  • Arijana
    All my credits were delivered but it took three hours instead of 30 minutes
    Gaming4ez.com: Sorry we will speed it up next time,but there was a ban wave right before you placed order..so we had to restock.
  • OShino Hizaki
    Fast and Excellent service.
    Gaming4ez.com: thanks
  • Vidal
    Everything as described, mailed the gold out in the time promised
    Gaming4ez.com: thanks
  • Henrik
    Got the gold, took a bit longer than estimated, easy to communicate with.
    Gaming4ez.com: thanks
  • Good service, amazing communication as always, keep it up A+++
    Gaming4ez.com: thanks for your business
  • Joey Nguyen
    Received order in full. One hour later than estimated time.
    Gaming4ez.com: sorry,was out of stock



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    We take responsibility to guarantee our wow gold delivery 100% safe. Our experience in this business ensures that every order can be processed smoothly and efficiently.

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    For gold purchased, if we do not fulfill the order on time, a refund will be granted and issued immediately. Exception: Orders of wow gold made using coupons are not entitled to refunds.

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